Spanish Immersion in Guadalajara

Tlaquepaque, Guadalajara and Surrounding Area


Guadalajara, the most Mexican of Mexico’s cities, offers tourists and travelers alike a wide range of traditional and contemporary attractions to ensure a fulfilling and enjoyable visit to Mexico’s second largest city.

Home of Mariachi, Mexico’s traditional folk music, Guadalajara retains a colonial feel with its numerous plazas and stunning architecture, and without the apparent dangers and city rush of the capital. Moreover, if you’d like to sample the local brew – Tequila is just an hour away and is a must for any visitor to Mexico.

Enlivened by a substantial student population, Guadalajara is also a growing attraction for the younger generation and guarantees many a lively Tequila fuelled night out at any of the spirited bars or nightclubs that scatter the city. Jalisco state is also a hotbed of adventure sports such as surfing and paragliding.

"GLC is structured in such a way as to give each student individual support, something I appreciated very much as a lone traveler in a foreign country."
Jeane Kim, California, US
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And come the weekend or vacation, many Tapatios, as the people of Guadalajara call themselves, head for the country or coast. Don’t be fooled by the sprawling metropolis - within the hour, you could be enjoying a tranquil weekend in Lake Chapala, Mexico’s largest lake, or in a picturesque mountain village such as Tapalpa, and within a few hours be enjoying a cool Marguerita on one of Jalisco's beautiful beaches.

Our school is located in picturesque Tlaquepaque, only 20 minutes from the center of Guadalajara. Tlaquepaque ( pronounced Tla-que-PAH-que - meaning loosely 'the place above clay land') is world famous for its handcrafts, stone and metal ware and galleries.It attracts some of the best designers and artists from Jalisco as well as many a tourist looking for a high quality piece of furniture, art work or designer item.

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Tlaquepaque is an extremely pleasant place to wander around, take a breath and maybe a bite to eat - from the tranquil main plaza, around the shops and restaurants to the more bustling market stalls.

"The experience here at GLC has been 100% positive for me. The teachers, the family, the classes were all first class. The Saturday evening 'intercambios'(Spanish/English student exchange conversation club) are especially nice to break the ice and get to know one another. You'll have a great program and I wish you the best of luck. Hope to return someday." James Parker, Minneapolis, Minnesota, US.
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