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Visit the ruins of Teuchitlan

Ruins in Teuchitlan This tour, which takes about five hours, visits a pre-Columbian archaeological site near the Mexican town of Teuchitl n in the state of Jalisco. The tour begins with a stop at the tourism office to watch a 30-minute video in English about these circular pyramids known as Los Guachimotones (sometimes Huachimontones).

At the same office you may visit a small museum with artifacts found mostly in this area. After a one-kilometer drive, we arrive at the pyramids and finish our inspection at a place where they prepare very refreshing prehispanic drinks.

Los Guachimontones, or sometimes Huachimontones, is the major site of the so-called Teuchitlan tradition, a complex society that existed from as early as 300 BCE until perhaps 900 CE.

The dominant features at los Guachimontones are circular stepped pyramids in the middle of circular building complexes. The 60-foot (18 m) tall pyramid at Circle 2 has 13 high steps leading to an upper level, which was then topped with another 4 high steps. A post hole was located at the very highest level, most likely for volador ceremonies.[2] The pyramids may also have supported small temples.

Sunken circular plazas surround each pyramid and a series of smaller mounds surround the plazas. On top of the mounds are platforms that once supported wooden buildings made of wood and clay. The site has a total of 10 circular complexes, four rectangular plazas, two ballcourts.
Guachimantones - Teuchitlan
Ruins in Teuchitlan The excavation of the site has been the focus of archaeologists from the Colegio de Michoac n under the direction of U.S. archaeologist Phil Weigand and his wife Celia Garcia de Weigand. A large project has been underway at the site since 1998.

Tour time:
5 hours

Monday till Friday leaving at 2:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday leaving at 10:00 am

Speaks Spanish and English

600 pesos per person

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