Spanish Immersion in Guadalajara

Night out watching Lucha Libre

Lucha Libre This evening trip takes you to Arena Coliseo. Here every Tuesday evening at 8:30 pm starts the event called Lucha Libre or freely translated Mexican wrestling. This is a unique event allthough it has some elements from the American version WWE. For those who watched the movie Nacho Libre will have a better idea.

We leave at 8 pm from the school by bus. The bus will take us in about 20 minutes to the Arena Coliseo. There are entrance prices. One for the upper level and one for down stairs. The upper level is the more rowdier crowd and this is normally where we will go. The price for up stairs is around 250 pesos and down stairs around 300 pesos.

The major event is not so much the wrestlers but more the crowd as they go nuts all evening. Forming groups shouting all kinds off swear words to eachother but all in good laughs. Here you can extend your street vocabulary and hear several words that you most likely never use again except during Lucha Libre.

There is a big rivelery between the people sitting downstairs and the people in the upper ring the "Pobres" (The Poor). Some of the common chants are "Se les va el camion..." You re going to miss your bus. (they stop running at 11pm, and is the cheapest method of transport.

Guachimantones - Teuchitlan
The evening ends around 11:30 when we will take the last bus home. About Us | Site Map | Privacy Policy | Contact Us | ©2004 Guadalajara Language Center