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Chapala Tour

Chapala, Ajijic & Jocotopec

Lake Chapala, the largest lake in Mexico, is located about an hour south of Guadalajara. It stretches about 50 miles east to west, from the entrance of the Rio Lerma to Jocotopec

The town of Chapala, located 45 minutes south of the airport, is a bustling regional center. Like Ajijic and Jocotopec, it boasts a handsome new boardwalk or malecon, where visitors gather to stroll, shop, and marvel at the lake.

Between Chapala and Jocotopec a string of villages hosts both Mexicans and Anglo retirees. Artists, artisans, and furniture makers abound, and weekly street markets offer the chance to find good fresh bargains.

Ajiic and surrounding villages boast wonderful architectural and cultural attractions, not to mention one of the best and mildest climates on the planet. Seldom needing either heating or air conditioning, residents luxuriate in a workers' and retirees' paradise.

You can wander the streets and shores here, drinking in the colors, expecting new surprises at every turn.

Chapala Tour
Tour time:
5 hours

Monday till Friday leaving at 2:00 pm
Saturday and Sunday leaving at 10:00 am

Speaks Spanish and English

2 people 450 pesos each
4 people 400 pesos each

Ticket sale:
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