Spanish Immersion in Guadalajara

Homestay Options

Accommodation can also be booked without taking a Spanish Course!

Stay with a local Mexican family to experience full cultural immersion during your studies with the Guadalajara Langauge Center Homestay program. Set your family preferences on our application form and we will allocate an appropriate family for you.

They will provide 2 traditional meals a day (breakfast and lunch) from Monday till Friday, private room, helpful information and of course a great opportunity to practice the Spanish you have learned at the school.

In Mexico the main meal is the lunch which is at around 2 pm. This meal is a meal that in a lot of countries will be seen as dinner. The breakfast can be heavy like eggs, chilaquiles etc. Be aware that the evening meal is often not eaten together and is normally very ligth. Most of the time this will be coffee, sweat bread or just fruit.

"The Bustamante family was very helpful and hospitable. They were very nice and Javier made good food - there wasn't a dish I didn't like! They had lots of information and suggestions on things to do."

Clarissa Brunt, Austin, Texas, US.
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We offer 2 types of home stays. Option 1 is where you will have your private bedroom but where you will share a bathroom with maximum 1 other student. The price for this option is 25 USD a night. With option 2 you will have as well you private bedroom but in addition to that you will have as well your private bathroom and connected to your bedroom. This option cost 29 USD a night.

All Homestay families are within walking distance of the school and have wireless internet at the house. Placement confirmation and contact details will be forwarded to you prior to your arrival. Below are our different homestay options. Your homestay option can be chosen on our online application form by selecting 'Homestay with shared bath or Homestay with private bath' as your accommodation preference.

Option 1 - Homestay with private bath en suite

The Bustamantes have a beautiful home and family in the heart of Tlaquepaque. Javier and Teresita Bustamante also have 2 children in their twenties who will provide plenty opportunity for Spanish exchanges over the dinner table. Javier and Teresita are very experienced in receiving foreign guests from all over the world - you can read some of our ex-students' comments below.

"My homestay family were incredible hosts - great language practice, authentic Mexican food and lots of space - I loved every minute"

Sharon Hendricks, Pasadena, California, US
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The Bustamantes

  • private bedroom
  • private bathroom
  • 2 meals a day (except Saturdays and Sundays)
  • large outside patio with sitting area
  • Price per person for 1-night stay (includes 2 meals) $29 USD
    Price per 2 persons sharing the room for 1-night stay (includes 2 meals) $50 USD

    Option 2 - Regular Homestays

    The Guadalajara Language Center regular homestay option offers students the chance to experience a traditional Mexican family, eat Mexican meals, learn about the culture - all within walking distance of the school. All regular homestays have a shared bathroom for the guests that is shared only when other students are staying at the same home stay and includes 3 meals a day except for Sunday when only breakfast is served

    Regular Home Stay The Castle - bathroom en suite

    This home stay is less then 2 minutes walking from the school and less then 5 minutes walking from the center.
    In total the house has 10 bedrooms but 4 bedrooms that are available for students. All the bedrooms have a full bath en suite Senora Alica runs with her house helper Silvia the house hold. They have one very friendly dog. If you like to stay with a family but also like to have some privacy this is the family to stay with as the rooms are seperated from the mian house by the patio.

    All the bedrooms have...

  • At least 2 double beds with closet
  • Bedside table with lamp
  • Full bathroom en suit with walk-in shower
  • Acces to the spacious patio with sitting area

  • Price per nigth per person - $27 USD

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